Timeline - Giffnock

1833  Nellie's Toll or Eastwood Toll was established.
1835  Sandstone first quarried in Giffnock 
1850s Mansion House, now Eastwood House, built
1854  Glasgow coal mining firm, Baird & Stevenson, took over quarrying operations at Giffnock 
1858  Thornliebank House, first Birkenshaw House, later Rouken Glen Mansion House, reconstructed by Walter Crum.
1890's Residential Giffnock began to develop around the station and Eastwood Toll
1892  Gas first introduced to Giffnock 
1892  Rhuallan House built for William Brown, a coal merchant.
1895  Redhurst House built of local Giffnock brick by Mr & Mrs Yuille
1896  Orchardhill Church opened, "B" listed building.

1904  William Graham Crum sold Rouken Glen Estate to Cameron Corbett M.P. for Glasgow, later Lord Rowallan
1905  First tram to Giffnock 
1906 1st May, Lord Rowallan donated the grounds of Rouken Glen to the Corporation of Glasgow for the people of Glasgow - officially opened 26th May.
1911  Last horse bus between Newton Mearns and Eastwood Toll Newton Mearns
1914  Lord Weir bought Eastwood Estate including Mansion House.
1934  Giffnock Synagogue in May Terrace is built
1934-35 Williamwood scheme built
1936  Tudor Cinema built by Alex Frutin, on Fenwick Rd where Safeways now stands
1936-38 Orchard Park scheme built
1957  Rhuallan House gifted by the British Legion to the District Council in 1957
1960  Last gas lamp disconnected, now at 272 Fenwick Road
1962  Eastwood Toll reconstructed
1963  Thornliebank House, later Rouken Glen Mansion House, demolished
1968  County Council bought 60 acres of Eastwood Park and Mansion House -Eastwood House
1987  The Thumb retirement flats built at Eastwood Toll