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Record IDItem TitleTypeCollection TitleThumbnailView
553Views of EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionViews of EagleshamView
724Cheapside StreetImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionCheapside StreetView
725Tenement Block, Gilmour StreetImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionTenement Block, Gilmour StreetView
577Gilmour Street in WinterImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmour Street in WinterView
616Gilmore Street, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmore Street, EagleshamView
575Main Street, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionMain Street, Eaglesham View
718Gilmour StreetImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmour StreetView
576Gilmour Street and Eglinton ArmsImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmour Street & Eglinton ArmsView
391Eglinton ArmsImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEglinton ArmsView
1041Gilmour Street, EagleshamImageJohn E. Maguire CollectionGilmour Street, EagleshamView
1160Gilmour Street, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmour Street, EagleshamView
1162Coronation Buildings, Gilmour Street, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionCoronation Buildings, Gilmour Street, EagleshamView
1174Gilmour Street, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmour Street, EagleshamView
1176Old School and Old Horse Bus, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionOld School and Old Horse Bus, EagleshamView
2074Polnoon Lodge, prior to renovationImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionPolnoon Lodge, prior to renovationView
2076Polnoon Lodge, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionPolnoon Lodge, EagleshamView
2211The Cross, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionThe Cross, EagleshamView
2364Old SmiddyImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionOld SmiddyView
1373Gilmour Street, EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionGilmour Street, EagleshamView
2846Horse bus outside the Eglinton Arms HotelImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionHorse bus outside the Eglinton Arms HotelView