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Record IDItem TitleTypeCollection TitleThumbnailView
553Views of EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionViews of EagleshamView
569Eaglesham CastleImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham CastleView
570Eaglesham CastleImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham CastleView
571Eaglesham CastleImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham CastleView
572Eaglesham House FarmImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham House FarmView
573Eaglesham HouseImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham HouseView
574Eaglesham HouseImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham HouseView
717Eaglesham House: Potential For DevelopmentImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham House: Potential For DevelopmentView