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Record IDItem TitleTypeCollection TitleThumbnailView
893Clarkston Toll Tramway TerminusImageClarkston PhotographsClarkston Toll Tramway TerminusView
898Eaglesham Horse Bus at Clarkston StationImageClarkston PhotographsEaglesham Horse Bus at Clarkston StationView
899Caledonian Motor Car Service busImageClarkston PhotographsCaledonian Motor Car Service bus View
901Caledonian Automobile Services busImageClarkston PhotographsCaledonian Automobile Services bus View
902Caledonian Automobile Services bus in Clarkston Station yardImageClarkston PhotographsCaledonian Automobile Services bus in Clarkston Station yardView
552Six Views of EagleshamImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionSix Views of EagleshamView
1065Barrhead and Neilston Horse BusImageBarrhead Photographs, Slides and Glass NegativesBarrhead and Neilston Horse BusView
1066McGill's Bus, PaisleyImageBarrhead Photographs, Slides and Glass NegativesMcGill's Bus, PaisleyView
1078Caledonian Motor Car ServiceImageClarkston PhotographsCaledonian Motor Car ServiceView
1082Halley 6-Cylinder Saloon BusImageMorrison FamilyHalley 6-Cylinder Saloon BusView
1090V3904 Bus with Roof Top Gas BagImageMorrison FamilyV3904 Bus with Roof Top Gas BagView
1378Eaglesham Horse BusImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham Horse BusView
1671Arthurlie Football Club with Scottish CupImageBarrhead Photographs, Slides and Glass NegativesArthurlie Football Club with Scottish CupView
2436Eaglesham BusImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham BusView
2437Eaglesham BusImageEaglesham Photographic CollectionEaglesham BusView
2555Clarkston Road at NetherleeImageClarkston PhotographsClarkston Road at NetherleeView
1333Barrhead Outing 2ImageBarrhead Photographs, Slides and Glass NegativesBarrhead Outing 2View
1159Clarkston Road at Corner of Stamperland GardensImageClarkston PhotographsClarkston Road at Corner of Stamperland GardensView
1331Robert O'Hara and Alexander O'HaraImageBarrhead Photographs, Slides and Glass NegativesRobert O'Hara and Alexander O'HaraView