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An image of a Co-op procession outside Barrhead Co-operative, Paisley Road Branch.

Barrhead Co-op Society Buildings

This is a Co-op procession outside Barrhead Co-operative, Paisley Road Branch. The Society was officially inaugurated on 11th January 1861 with 14 members, each of whom paid 1 shilling to join.

It was the first such society in Scotland and its purpose was to protect its members from a system whereby mill owners gave their workforce credit notes instead of cash payments, often for the mill owners own shops.

An image of a dove-cot at Holm Farm in Mearns

From a small beginning, Barrhead Co-operative Society grew into a great trading society providing good quality goods at fair prices for its members. It ran its own bakery and laundry and had an educational department, which held evening classes. Sadly the Society did not survive the big changes in shopping patterns in the 1980's.

Dove-cot, Holm Farm, Mearns

Dovecots or dovecotes were buildings intended to house pigeons or doves, which were an important food source at one time.

In Scotland, dovecots were often referred to as doocots. This one at Holm Farm in Mearns is a fine example and has been well preserved. It is typical of early purpose built Scottish doocots, which have a "beehive" shape, circular in plan and tapering up to a domed or conical roof.

An image of the Masonic Lodge in Cochrane Street in Barrhead

Doocots were built well into the 18th century then the need for them died out, though some continued to be incorporated into farm buildings as ornamental features.

Masonic Lodge, Barrhead

The Masonic Lodge in Cochrane Street, Barrhead is a two storey red sandstone building completed in 1910. The McWhannell and Rogerson building was designed in a Scots Baronial style with the foundation stone being laid by Zechariah Henry Heys.

The stone for the building was from the Ballochmyle Quarries whose red sandstone was used in many buildings constructed in Barrhead after 1902. As well as the Masonic Lodge, other good examples of the use of the stone are the Co-operative Building in Graham Street and the Burgh Court Hall in Main Street.

More information on this building and on other buildings in Barrhead can be found on the Barrhead Heritage Trail website. To access this website go to the External Websites area.