The Blind Fiddler

This statue is reputed to be Alexander McDonald or 'Blind Alick'. By day he was a strolling fiddler and vocalist in Glasgow but his living was earned in the evenings when his services were in great demand at social events. He was paid eight pennies for the first two hours and a penny a reel thereafter. Itinerant blind fiddlers were common characters in 19th century Britain and were depicted in several works of art, including an etching from 1849 by Walter Geikie which is  held in the British Museum. The etching has many similarities to this statue. Along with the statue of Burns, the Blind Fiddler was exhibited on Glasgow Green in July 1849 during the Glasgow Fair. Gemmell's display was said to be 'well attended'*

Glasgow Herald, 13 July 1849.

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