Children's League of Nations

Margaret and her bother Gordon and sister Jean were members of the Childrens' League of Nations. We have their membership cards dated 14th November 1929. In this photo Margaret is wearing a shell brooch, which we have in our collection, and her League of Nations' badge. They must have been very keen to join as a letter from the League of Nations, in reply to Jean's enquiry, mentions that there was not a local branch at their school or near their home.

Barrhead Art Club

Margaret features in a programme for the Barrhead Art Club Exhibition for April 1932. She has an entry in the 'under 15 years' section.

Playing the Piano

Both sisters, Margaret and Jean, played the piano. We have programmes for Painoforte Recitals in the Masonic Hall and the Westbourne Hall, Barrhead dating from 1929 to 1932, featuring both Margaret and Jean.


In our collection we have school sports programmes from Barrhead High School dated from 1931 to 1933, which include the names of all the Gibson children as participants in the various races.