Happy Family

Image of the Gibson Family of Barrhead in the 1930s

Unlike children from working class families in the 19th century who had to work long hard hours at the mills, Margaret had a relatively happy and carefree childhood. Her father was the educational publisher Robert Gibson whose company was responsible for publishing many school texts and exercise books. Margaret had an older sister Jean and a younger sister and brother, Sheila and Gordon. The photo above shows from left to right: Sheila, Mother (Agnes, known as Nan) Jean, Gordon, Father and Margaret. The photo was taken in November 1932, two months before Margaret's death.

Margaret's life may have been short but it was a very happy one. They were a very close family as can be seen from the letters and photos that we have in our collection.

Sheila wrote a letter to Margaret when she was staying with her aunt in Whitecraigs, Glasgow. Jean was on holiday in Stirling with Barrhead High School Girls' Club:

"My Dear Margaret,
Grandpa, Aunt Liza and the four Gibsons all went through to Stirling yesterday & visited Jean. It was just tea-time so we spread our picnic on a table & had our tea inside the club room along with the girls. They are all having a lovely time. On Saturday afternoon the girls walked to Abbey Craig to the Wallace Monument - that was about 8 miles & in the afternoon they went to the field of the Battle of Bannockburn. On Sunday after the church service they climbed the tower & the places of interest round about were pointed out to them. Daddy and I are going up north to Elgin & Inverness tomorrow morning at 6am to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We may be back on Wednesday evening or perhaps not till some time on Thursday. I hope the weather will be good & I know you will be enjoying yourself so I'll not have to worry about you.

Goodbye & with much love to all of you.

I am your own Mother".