Mearns Members

Mearns History Group Member - Bill

I am a Glaswegian and have lived 36 years in Mearns so I suppose I am an "incomer". I was introduced to Mearns at the age of 18 when I came here as an apprentice with John Lawrence the builders installing heating systems in the Crookfur/Paidmyre areas. For me it was a magical, rural place so when I married in 1966 we decided to make Mearns our home and moved into a house on Tofts Estate. At that time in the area behind the UF Church (Newton Mearns Parish Church) there were still lots of old foundations there and an old road which used to be Main St. The heart was taken out of the Mearns when they demolished the old Village and moved the "Cross".

Mearns History Group Member - David

I was born at Wardhill, a hamlet adjacent to Mearns Parish Kirk. Our family has worshipped there for 100 years. I am an elder of the Kirk and my father was a beadle. I worked at Anderson's Garage. When I first applied to the garage for work there were no CV's required to get an interview. I think being a Mearns lad helped me in getting the job and I was offered a position on my first day. There was so much noise, I didn't think I would last but I stayed 44 years. I went from the blacksmith's shop in the garage to management over my 44 year career there.

Mearns History Group Member - Fiona

I came from the south of Glasgow to Mearns in the late 1920s. My older brother went to Scouts at Loganswell and told us that Mearns was a "lovely place to stay". I have good memories of school. I worked in Bridgeton during the war. I was married in the UF Kirk Manse.

Mearns History Group Member - Jean

I'm the third generation of my family to live in Mearns. My great grandfather lived in Main St. My grandmother, his oldest daughter, met and married my grandfather, an Englishman who came to work in Colville's Steel Works in Motherwell. They lived in Hamilton. My mother was born there. She met and married my father from Govanhill. They came to Mearns to live in Main St, 1925. I was born in 1927 in Main St. I went to Mearns Primary School until I was 14. I enjoyed my childhood days playing ball games and peaver on the Causey at Dr Mackinlay's building, hence the name of our present day shopping centre. In my teens during the war I worked in Mearnskirk Hospital office. I met my husband who was in the Navy and came to the hospital as a casualty in 1944. We married in 1947 and went to live for a short time in Northern Ireland then returned to Mearns. I worked in the Netherplace Works, Examination Dept from 1958 - 1980 with a three year break. Since Northern Ireland, I have lived in Mearns for 51 years.

Mearns History Group Member - Jimmy

I am the third generation of my family in my farm at Mearns. My childhood was very happy. I have never in my life earned a wage packet. Holidays were non existent. I always had jobs to do before going to school and was up at 6am. At 12 I was put in charge of the generating plant. We were tenants of Pollok estate and bought our farm in 1955. At that time Mearns was about two miles away. Now it is at my doorstep.

Mearns History Group Member - Margaret

Mum and Dad were from Edinburgh. I have lived all my life here very happily. I lived in Main St. We had an outside toilet. When we were 10 we moved into a Council House but we couldn't play so freely there. I was married in the Mearnskirk Manse and my children were born in Mearns. I first worked in Glasgow but was later manageress of the Newton Mearns branch of the Barrhead Co-op. For 15 years I was Guide Captain of the 4th Mearns Guides I wish that Mearns village had not been demolished but it will still always be our Mearns.

Mearns History Group Member - Marsha

I was born in Wellmeadow which is now a care home. I was there until I was 6 when we moved to Main St. My father and Margaret's mother started the Mearns Residents' Association. The houses in Main St were condemned Teapot Close was a death trap. We were thrown out of our house. Glassford the farmer let us stay in the Kirk House. I left school at 14 and became a tailoress in Gunn Dollie and Topping, the best tailors in Glasgow. Later I went to Denny Co-op as manageress.