Timelines - Thornliebank

1530  Hugh Montgomery, Master of Eglinton, granted the lands in and around Thornliebank, described as Birkenshaw in title deeds.

1789  Alexander and James Crum bought small muslin factory from Robert Osborne; continued as Calico Printers until 1893 when it passed to Calico Printing Association
1796  Walter Crum of Thornliebank born, son of Alexander Crum, pioneered application of chemistry to calico printing.

1877  Thornliebank School opened  
1893  Alexander Crum dies
1894  Crum Memorial Library opened
1897  Crum Memorial Library formerly opened 5th January 1897
1897  Present Thornliebank School building opened 5th January 1897

1910  Paisley District Tramways Co. opened Barrhead to Spiersbridge line.
1929  24th Dec Thornliebank Printworks closed
1940  Crum Library used as a Forces canteen