Timeline - Mearns

900 - 1000  Capelrig Cross erected at Capelrig, Newton Mearns

1189-1199  Helia de Perthic founds the first Mearns Parish Church

1296  William Wallace reputed to have passed along Humbie right of way, which was Couch Road between Glasgow (via Cathcart and Mearns Castle) to Kilmarnock

1371  Stewarts ascended throne -Montgomeries became tenant -in capito-. Robert Maxwell, Lord of Mearns, granted lands of Dryppis to his kinsman Sir John Maxwell, Lord of Nether Pollok.

1449  Mearns Castle built for Lord Herbert Maxwell of Carlaverock.

1572  Revd. Patrick Hamilton, first minister of the combined parishes of Neilston, Mearns and Kilbarchan.

1672  Conventicles at Mearns, Eaglesham and Lochgoyne.

1707 Handloom weaving and bleaching rapid increase in Mearns  
1715  Netherplace Mill built.
1729  Neilston Society of Dissenters links up with Mearns  

1813  Mearnskirk church erected Mearns   
1818  Bleach and print works built in Mearns and Netherplace, Wellmeadow and Tofts, also silk print works at Hazeldene.
1874  Croyland, originally Rysland, designed by Alexander -Greek- Thomson.

1930  Pilmuir Quarry opened 15th May on site of North Hillhead Farm