Timeline - Eaglesham

1172  Robert de Montgomerie and High Steward died. Robert had obtained the manor of Eaglesham from the High Steward

1528  Manor house of Eglinton burnt to the ground by Cunningham
1596  Eaglesham transferred to Presbytery of Glasgow

1637  James Woodrow, Prof of Divinity at College of Glasgow, born Eaglesham. Father of Robert, Historian and Minister of Eastwood 1703.
1672  Conventicles at Mearns, Eaglesham and Lochgoyne.
1685  1st May, Eaglesham Covenanters murdered.

18th Century  Eaglesham Parish School, situated in Gilmour Street, had average attendance of 73
1733  Polnoon Lodge built, hunting lodge of the Montgomeries
1765  Linn Cottage, Eaglesham; built as huntsman's cottage
1769  Eaglesham Village re-built 1769 as a planned village
1791  Earl of Eglinton has a cotton mill constructed on the Orry
1798  Robert Pollok, poet, born 19th Oct at North Moorhouse

1802  First gas lamp erected in area, Gas Works Lane
1814  William Gemmill, local sculptor, born in Eaglesham
1859  Eaglesham House built at Riverside for the Gilmour Family, who bought the lands in 1844

1900  Robert Pollok monument unveiled at Loganswell, 24th Sept
1929  The Orry, land bought by Eaglesham Parish Council from Angus Gilmour
1941  10th May, Rudolf Hess, 48 years old, landed in field near Floors Farm, Eaglesham. Supposedly on his way to see the Duke of Hamilton.
1960  Eaglesham becomes a listed village
1995  Statue House, Eaglesham acquired by Eastwood Council