Uplawmoor is one of the smallest villages in East Renfrewshire, associated for centuries with the Barony of Caldwell and the Mure family. In the 19th century Uplawmoor was mainly an estate village for workers of the Caldwell estate. There were handloom weavers, cobblers, shoemakers and harness makers. The village also had a sawmill and tile works.

The Mures, descended from Sir Reginald More of Aberdeen, lost and had their estates restored, after the Wars of the Covenant and it was a William Mure in the early 20th century who planned to make Uplawmoor an attractive "garden" village. Crossgates cottage with its yew trees still stands as an example of good housing built by the Mures. Uplawmoor Street

Uplawmoor is still a vibrant community today, although now bereft of many of the services once to be found there. The village, which once had two railway stations and a bus service, has always acknowledged farming as having great importance locally; it has retained its charm and agricultural way of life even in the 21st century.