Cameron Corbett

Archibald Cameron Corbett was best known for his involvement in politics, later in life becoming MP for Tradeston. He was born on May 23, 1856 and his father, Thomas Corbett, was a doctor who had a practice in the Gorbals. Cameron Corbett took an early interest in politics and contributed significantly to the Act for the Extension of the Franchise. In 1884 he contested North West Warwickshire as a Liberal but was not elected. After the passing of the Redistribution Bill, when Glasgow was divided into 7 constituencies, Mr Corbett was elected to the Tradeston Division; after another General Election the following year he was successful as a Unionist candidate.

Perhaps his most significant contribution and lasting legacy was his gifting of Rouken Glen estate and mansion house to the people of Glasgow in 1906; it was opened to the public on May 25 that year. On June 27, 1911 he was created Baron Rowallan; he died March 19, 1933.