Publications for Sale

East Renfrewshire has a variety of publications for sale on the history and heritage of the area. We sell a range of publications which tell the story of East Renfrewshire from prehistoric times to the modern period. They chart its history through the turbulence of the Middle Ages, the religious strife of the Reformation and Covenanting period, and the sweeping changes brought by the Industrial Revolution.

Whether you are looking for a general history or want to find out about a particular area or subject, you're bound to find something of interest.

Find out more about what's available by contacting your local library, details from the related pages area, or search the library catalogue from the external websites area.

Here are just some of  the publications available for sale

Old Uplawmoor by Uplawmoor Local Studies Group

Price: £7.99

Enjoy pictures of Uplawmoor from the distant and more recent past, up to the 1980s. They cover transport, sport and leisure, the effects of the war, school photographs, farms and housing and more. The accompanying text provides a fascinating story of the village, the history of Caldwell estate and the Mure family.

Old Eaglesham by Rhona Wilson

Price: £7.50

50 pages of old Eaglesham photographs, showing the distinctive planned layout and its development over the years. Detailed captions accompany the pictures, discussing the Earls of Eglinton and other historical people and events.

Sandstone to Suburbia: a History of Giffnock by Eastwood District Libraries

Price: £1.50

This short history of Giffnock with photographs traces its development from a scattered agricultural community, through its industrial importance as a supplier of building stone, to its present position as a desirable suburb. Local education, churches and other notable buildings, Rouken Glen and Eastwood Park are also covered.

Old Thornliebank by Maud Devine

Price: £7.99

50 pages of photographs of Thornliebank in the past, along with detailed and informative captions. The images look at the Crum family's influence on the village, water power in the area, transport, social life, the changing face of Main Street and Rouken Glen.

How do I buy a publication?

To buy any of these titles, contact your local library by using the link in the related pages area. 

Alternatively, get in touch with us at:

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