The areas and boundaries that form present day East Renfrewshire have changed over the years. We have a very useful collection of books on the local history of these areas, some of which can be borrowed. The list below is only a sample of what is available in our community libraries.

To find out where they are, how to consult them, and what other books are in stock, please check the library catalogue: see the Related pages section at the bottom of the page for a link to the catalogue page.

Barrhead Community Council, Housing the Heroes 1919 -1939
Barrhead Community Council, Story of James Maxton, (1985)
Betts, Rev. Jacqueline, Barrhead Methodist Church Centenary Celebration 1884 -1984
Blair, Anna, Old Giffnock, (2003)
Blair, David, Long Slope, Small Hill (Story Of Giffnock), (1973)
Bourock Parish Church Barrhead 150th Anniversary 1846-1990
Brown, Christina, Rural Eaglesham, (1966)
Burgess, Moira, Discover Barrhead & Neilston, (1992)
Busby History Group And Maud Devine, Old Busby, (2003)
Busby West Church, Busby West Church: Looking Down the Years 1836 - 1936
Caldwell Papers: vol 1. 1496 - 1853, vol 2. 1733-1764, vol 3. 1765-1821
Campbell, Rev. George, History of Eastwood, (1902)
Cormack, Ian, Old Eastwood, Giffnock, Thornliebank, (1980)
Crawfurd, George, General Description of Renfrewshire, (1818)
Deighton, Jane Scott, Eaglesham: An Earl's Creation, (1974)
Devine, Maud, Old Thornliebank, (2005)
Eastwood District Libraries, Calico, Cotton & Character: A History of Busby, (1988)
Eastwood District Libraries, Crossroads Community: A History of Clarkston, (1988)
Eastwood District Libraries, Crum's Land: A History of Thornliebank, (1988)
Eastwood District Libraries, Fairest Parish: A History of Mearns, (1988)
Eastwood District Libraries,  A Planned Village: A History of Eaglesham, (1988)
Eastwood District Libraries, Sandstone to Suburbia: A History of Giffnock, (1988)
Fleming, Alexander, Minister of Neilston Parish
Higgins, Tom, St. John's School Barrhead, 1842-1966: The Journey of a School and its People
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Higgins, Tom, The Slavens of Slates
Hughson, Irene, Barrhead & Neilston in Old Picture Postcards, (1993)
Hughson, Irene, Bygone Barrhead, (1993)
Hughson, Martin, John Robertson Engineer:  Designer of the Comet's Engine, (1989)
Laws, J.J., The Neilston Story, (1994)
Loudon, Anne, Old Newton Mearns, (2004)
McDonald, Hugh, Rambles Round Glasgow, (1856)
McWhirter, James, And Still It Lowes: Barrhead South Church
McWhirter, James, History of Barrhead Co-operative Society Ltd: 1861 - 1961, (1962)
McWhirter, James, Lest We Forget: Story of Burgh of Barrhead 1894 - 1975, (1994)
McWhirter, James, Mine Ain Grey Toon: A Story of Barrhead from Pre-Historic Times to 1914, (1970)
Metcalfe, William, History of the County of Renfrew, (1905)
Millar, A. H., Castles & Mansions of Renfrewshire, (1889)
Mitchell, J., Two Old Glasgow Firms: William Connel and the Crums
Mitchell, John & Sheila, Monumental Inscriptions in Renfrewshire Pre-1855
Murray, Robert, Annals of Barrhead, (1941)
Murray, Robert, History of Barrhead Co-op Society: 1861-1936, (1937)
Nisbet, Douglas, Village of Netherlee and District, (1992)
Nisbet, Stuart, The Rise of the Cotton Factory in Eighteenth-Century Renfrewshire (2008)
Nisbet, Stuart & Welsh, Thomas, Robert Allason & Greenbank, (1992)
One Hundred Years of Caldwell: Story of Caldwell Parish Church: 1889 - 1989
Pride, David, History of the Parish of Neilston, (1910)
Rae, Ella, Mearns: The Changing Years, (1987)
Ross, Rev. William, Busby And Its Neighbourhood, (1883)
Scott, A. Boyd, Old Days and Ways in Newton Mearns, (1939)
Scottish Women's Rural Institute, Uplawmoor: A Village History Book, (1968)
Shanks, Gilbert, The First Hundred Years, 1851-1951
Strang, J.,  A History of Mearns Parish, (1939)
Sweeney, Dan, Postscript to the Past: Lost Mansions and Houses of Renfrewshire (2015)
Uplawmoor History Group, Old Uplawmoor, (2004)
Welsh, Dr Thomas, Eastwood District History and Heritage, (1989)
Whyte, Elaine, Arthurlie Parish Church: 200 Years of Worship 1793-1993, (1993)