William Gemmell

William Gemmell was an amateur sculptor who lived and worked in Eaglesham in the 19th century. East Renfrewshire has six of his remaining life-size sculptures, which are housed in Statue House in Eaglesham. More information on William Gemmell, his life and work can be found on the Local Artists page.

John E. Maguire

John E. Maguire was also a local artist living and working in Eaglesham. HIs works date mostly from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th centuries; he worked in oils, pastels and watercolours. We have a sizable collection of his work in our archives. More information on John E. Maguire can be found on the Local Artists page.

Marianne Grant

A contemporary artist of note is Marianne Grant, a survivor of the Holocaust, whose moving and thought-provoking works depict her experiences of forced labour and imprisonment in the concentration camps. More about this Newton Mearns artist and her works can be seen on the Local Artists page.

Barrhead Artists

The Barrhead Artists are a group of people from the community who have a common interest in art. Founded at the end of the 1800s, the group still have a strong and active club, which at times has a waiting list. As well as holding practical art sessions the group also have guest professional artists to demonstrate their skills and techniques to members. More information on the club can be found on the Barrhead Artists web page on the council's main web site.

Ken Currie

Local man Ken Currie is an internationally recognised artist who attended Barrhead High School and was brought up in the town. His art, which is recognised worldwide, is famous for commenting on social or political issues and has been shown in Sydney, Toronto and Milan.

Currie attended Glasgow School of Art, originally studying film. However, in the mid 1980s he swapped celluloid for canvas and returned to painting.

Inspired by the work of Leger, Rivera and the German Neue Sachlichkeit group, much of his work in the late '80s was the politically motivated art of social realism, seen most notably a series of murals for The People's Palace in Glasgow depicting scenes from Scottish labour history. His subsequent work continued to focus on the human condition, particularly relating to those on the fringes of society and his spectral but luminous paintings are renowned for the complex, sometimes terrifying and apocalyptic, world they depict.

Currie is recognised as one of the most provocative and challenging of contemporary artists and his paintings are displayed in public and museum collections world-wide (information from