Image of the Linn Products Factory, Eaglesham

Linn Products Factory, Eaglesham

Linn Products Limited is an independent precision-engineering company specialising in top performance sound reproduction equipment. Ivor Tiefenbrun founded the company in 1972.

In the early 1980s Linn Products applied to build a high technology factory and headquarters on the site of the former Eaglesham House Estate.

Image of Thornliebank Printworks, Thornliebank

Objectors complained that a potentially noisy plant was to be sited in a green belt area. The owner of Linn products, Mr. Tiefenbrun, countered by saying that the factory would not be noisy, would replace a derelict site by an attractive building and would provide employment..

Finally, in April 1984, after a protracted struggle, the Scottish Office granted planning permission. The building, designed by Richard Rogers, was opened in 1997. Eaglesham now has a twentieth century architectural showpiece to balance the eighteenth century style of the original village.

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Thornliebank Printworks, Thornliebank

Image of Shanks & Co. Ltd., Barrhead

The early history of the village of Thornliebank is synonymous with the history of the Thornliebank Printworks and the Crum Family, friends of David Dale, who may have modelled the village and works on New Lanark.

In 1789 John Crum bought the business from bankrupt linen printer, Robert Osburn, to expand his calico printing business, which had been based in Gallowgate, Glasgow.

 By 1819 Walter Crum, a highly qualified chemist and astute business man, was in charge. He abolished spinning and weaving and began the process of calico printing with bleaching, turkey red dyeing and "beetling", (i.e. finishing of Holland cloth for blinds), which brought immigrants from Northern Ireland. The Printworks closed on 24th December 1929.

Shanks and Co. Ltd., Barrhead

Image of Shanks Tubal Works, Barrhead

In 1860-65, a piped water supply and sewage system were introduced to Barrhead. John Shanks, a plumber from Paisley anticipated the resulting demand for sanitary ware and opened a workshop in Barrhead.

Shanks patented a non-return valve that allowed flushing toilets to be installed in ships and due to this and further inventions, his business flourished.

He opened a brass foundry to produce the brass fittings and taps for his sanitary ware. This was followed in 1904 with a pottery in the centre of town, which allowed the company to produce their own ceramics.

Image of workers at Shanks & Co., Barrhead

The name Shanks became world famous and the company's claims to fame include, producing sanitary ware for the ill-fated Titanic liner; and the presence of a Shanks toilet in the Dalia Lama's palace in Tibet.

In the 1960s it was taken over by Armitage Ware Ltd and a new company Armitage Shanks Ltd was created. In 1989 the Tubal works closed followed by the Ceramic works in 1992 and the remaining business moved to England.