Castles and Towers

Image of Caldwell Tower, Uplawmoor

Caldwell Tower, Uplawmoor

Caldwell Tower, can be viewed from the Neilston Road and stands on the medieval estate of Caldwell. It was believed to have been constructed in the 15th century but recent research by the East Renfrewshire Historic Designed Landscape Group (supported by the Garden History in Scotland Society) has shed new light on this. Their research suggests that the tower may have been constructed as an ornamental feature in the landscape surrounding Caldwell House, although possibly on the site of an earlier tower. Caldwell House was designed by Robert and James Adam and was constructed in 1773. The tower is in private hands and in recent years has been renovated and extended by the owners.

Mearns Castle, Mearns

Mearns Castle was built in 1449 for Lord Herbert Maxwell of Caerlaverock who had been granted a licence by King James II, "to build a castle and to surround it and fortify it with walls and ditches, to strengthen it by iron gates and to erect on top of it all warlike apparatus necessary for its defence". The castle had been built on the site of an older wooden structure built by Roland de Mearns, a knight in the service of the king. The original castle moat has now gone and in modern times it has become part of the Maxwell Mearns Castle Church.

Pollok Castle, Mearns

Image of Pollok Castle, Mearns

Pollok Castle was a handsome building in the Scottish baronial style with a splendid castellated tower 56 ft high, rebuilt in 1886 by Mr Fergusson-Pollok following a fire, which destroyed the original castle built about 1700 by Sir Robert Pollok. The Pollok family, one of the most ancient in Scotland, descended from Petrus de Pollok, a benefactor of Paisley Monastery in the reign of Malcolm IV (1153 - 1165). Sir Robert Pollok, a supporter of William III, represented Renfrewshire in Parliament from 1700 to 1722. The army requisitioned the castle in 1939 when the estate was used as an ammunition dump. The last Pollok remained in the castle until 1954 when it was demolished. Its ancient stones now lie under a runway of Edinburgh airport. 

Patterton Tower, Mearns

Also known as Capelrig Tower, this two storey castellated tower stands in the grounds of 'Towerwood' on Capelrig Road, Mearns. It is believed to have been constructed in the second half of the 18th century, although by whom, remains a mystery. It is currently in private ownership. The Mearns History Group website has further information on this building and is listed in the External websites area.