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As this is a new website created primarily for the community of East Renfrewshire, as well as those further afield with an interest in the history and heritage of East Renfrewshire, we would welcome feedback from you.

Do you have any comments on, or suggestions for, the heritage website?
Do you have photographs or information on East Renfrewshire that you would like to share with the community on the heritage website?
Do you recognise anyone in any of the photographs on the Heritage website?
Have you any information that you want to add to anything that is featured on the website?
Are you having any technical trouble with the Heritage website or is something not working as you expected?

Remember that this is your website, so if you answered yes to any of the questions above then please see below for how to get in touch with us.


For comments, suggestions or additional information on the content of the heritage website, contact Heritage Services staff at or on 0141 577 3872.