Buildings - Caldwell Tower

Take a stroll around any area in East Renfrewshire and you are bound to spot several buildings which are of historical significance and which give us an insight into our history. From the castles and mansions built by the rich landowners and businessmen of the past, to the Mills and Factories where the workers toiled, evidence of the past is all around. Sadly, some important buildings no longer stand but photographs and information on these can be found in the Heritage Collection.

East Renfrewshire has four "A" listed buildings; the Georgian mansions of Caldwell House in Uplawmoor, Capelrig House in Newton Mearns and Greenbank House in Clarkston and the 15th century tower of Mearns Castle. There is also a number of "B" and "C" listed buildings, not forgetting the village of Eaglesham, which has been designated an "Outstanding Conservation Area" and an important example of 18th century village planning.

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